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Summer Gardening Guide

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In the summer garden, spring vege crops are ready to harvest, flowers are blooming and it's generally sunny and hot. Take time to enjoy your garden but also take time to protect it so you get the most from your plants.

Whilst you continue planting in summer it's also a bit of a maintenance season. 

Summer to do list:

  • Add Saturaid soil wetter to all areas of your garden including the lawn.
  • Mulch around your plants. A good layer of mulch on your garden will conserve moisture, protect plants from heat, and suppress weeds.
  • Water in the morning before the day gets too hot.  A good deep soak every few days is better than shallow watering every day.
  • Keep your garden weed free, don't let your plants compete for water and nutrients.

Take care of your vegetable garden:

  • Check your crops for signs of pest and disease like green caterpillars and powdery mildew, and of course slugs and snails. 
  • Spray crops with Tui Insect Control for Fruit & Veges to prevent pests like aphids and whitefly taking hold, and regular applications of Tui Disease Control for Fruit & Veges will prevent powdery mildew on your courgettes.
  • Keep mounding up your potato plants.
  • Pick the laterals off your tomato plants, and make sure plants heavy with fruit are well staked.
  • Harvest your veges regularly, this helps promote more growth throughout the season.
  • Share veggies with your neighbours.
  • Summer is an ideal time to plant capsicums, courgettes, cucumbers, eggplant, kumara, pumpkins; and fresh summer herbs like basil, chives, parsley and thyme.

In the fruit garden:

  • Strawberries - the more you pick the more they will grow - fantastic.
  • Stake newly planted trees.
  • Prune existing fruit trees and remove fruited canes from berry plants as required.
  • Thin out growth on grape vines, check for pests and diseases and deal with any problems immediately before they take hold. 
  • Harvest fruit regularly to get the most from your crop.

In the flower garden:

  • Make the most of your blooms with basic maintenance - dead heading, weeding, watering, and feeding. 
  • Use Tui Novatec to feed your flowering plants and extend the season as long as you can.
  • Plant up new hanging baskets, pots and containers - use Tui Flower Mix for best results.
  • Plant aster, chrysanthemum, cosmos, dahlia, geranium, gerbera, impatiens, marigold, petunia.
  • The Tui NZ Flower Garden book has a full list of flowers suitable for sowing and planting in summer.