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14 Mar 2018
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We're excited to continue to support the Garden to Table programme in schools this year, with four new schools recently joining. Last week we visited Oropi School, one of the first Bay of Plenty schools to join, to deliver their starter pack... More
9 Nov 2017
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We love a great recycling idea and this one from Garden to Table school Holy Cross is a must-try! Supporting tall growing plants can be challenge. Instead of using harsh twine, the students show us how to simply reuse old, laddered pantyhose -... More
22 Sep 2017
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The young gardeners at Haumoana School spotted an opportunity when the local gourmet pizza restaurant was struggling to find a regular supply of rocket. They got planting! Read their Garden to Table journey so far.   The Garden to Table... More
22 Aug 2017
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Garden to Table school Edendale Primary have been creating a habitat for beneficial bugs by building a bug house. They hope to attract more ladybugs, solitary bees and hoverflies to help pollinate their fruit and vegetables!   Here at Edendale... More
27 Jul 2017
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People may ask, “Why would you make seed tape?” Garden to Table school Diamond Harbour School is going to tell you! Tiny seeds, like carrot and radish seeds, are difficult to germinate in the soil. These seeds are so small that they dry out... More
30 May 2017
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Winter may have arrived but there is still plenty to do in the garden! Garden to Table School Holy Cross School in Miramar maintain a flourishing garden, that provides the children with produce all year round. Check out their video above to... More
19 Apr 2017
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This month Edendale School students share their three favourite garden games. A fun way to extend garden learning, try these in your own garden these school holidays!   This month we would like to share Edendale students three favourite garden... More
30 Nov 2016
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At  Garden to Table school Te Huruhi Primary School on Waiheke Island the gardens have been full of deliciousness and enjoying the warmer weather. They've been harvesting lots of leafy greens: kale, cavelo nero, silverbeet, spinach, radishes,... More
3 Nov 2016
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The children at Garden to Table school Cannon’s Creek School have been making the most of the warmer sunny days in the garden! They are busy making compost, planting more crops for continuous harvests as we head into summer, and enjoying tasty... More
28 Sep 2016
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Spring has sprung at Garden to Table school Te Huruhi School on Waiheke Island and their gardens are bursting with harvests from their winter planting. The children have been busy harvesting lots of delicious vegetables and they're excited to... More