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27 Sep 2017
6 recommendations
Want to brighten up your spring garden? Our friends at Zealandia have shared a selection of their new season blooms to liven up your backyard. Plant up pots or between your veges for added interest and colour in your piece of paradise.  ... More
7 Sep 2016
4 recommendations
Want to add colour and interest to your garden? Fill it with vibrant floral displays! Gardening Solutionz have released a selection of flowers to add to your piece of paradise this season including Crazytunia Terracotta, SunPatiens Pink and... More
30 Sep 2015
7 recommendations
Add splashes of colour to your piece of paradise this spring with exciting new season blooms from Gardening Solutionz.   CRAZYTUNIA SPARKY New Crazytunia Sparky will show off in your garden with its magenta rose and yellow flowers. This... More
7 Oct 2014
5 recommendations
Check out this season's new plants and fill your piece of paradise with a variety of colour this spring! Gardening Solutionz: Crazytunia Mandevilla (1) We dare you to go crazy with the Crazytunia!  This crazy breed has just got bigger and... More
26 Mar 2014
2 recommendations
Agapanthus Golden Drop A new release agapanthus selected right here in NZ for its attractive cream and green variegated foliage. Unlike the older variegated variety Tinkerbell, which has similar foliage, Golden Drop has a very long flowering... More
10 Jan 2014
1 recommendation
New from Zealandia the easy care Lobelia ‘Hot Springs’ series perform beautifully in hotter weather. They are the culmination of many years of breeding resulting in the most uniform and compact lobelia available. Their compact growth makes... More
21 Oct 2013
1 recommendation
It's not often that this happens, but breeders of Crazytunia were told to go crazy with their breeding and the results are phenomenal! This unique series of perennial petunias are characterised by new dramatic flower colours and patterns.... More
20 May 2013
6 recommendations
Armeria ‘Pretty Petite’ This new perennial is aptly named – it’s pretty and petite and perfect for winter colour; it is flowering now. Pretty Petite is part of a new generation of Armeria which have been bred for better performance with bolder... More
19 Sep 2012
1 recommendation
NEW: Petunia Bumble Bee Sleek and sophisticated, Petunia Bumble Bee has a unique colour combination of a black base and a distinctive yellow star that is blushed with dark purple/pink around the edges. Bumble Bee looks great in low terracotta... More
1 Apr 2012
18 recommendations
The Inticancha range is a new range of Peruvian Lily which has been bred for a tidy, ultra compact habit, long and profuse flowering and non invasive habit. While great for gardens and containers the Inticancha range also offer stunning blooms... More