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10 Mar 2014
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Plagues of unwanted insect pests, diseases and weeds can ruin carefully tended plants and lawns before you get a chance to enjoy them. New from Tui this season is a range of Plant Protection products, designed to help you achieve even better... More
1 Jul 2013
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This winter Tui has something a little different to offer, with the launch of two new products designed to make fire lighting simple: Tui Firemagic Firestarters and Tui Firemagic Briquettes. To celebrate the launch of these new products we are... More
6 May 2013
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Autumn is ‘nature’s planting time’ and to get the most from your efforts in the garden it is essential to replenish your soil with nutrients used in previous growing seasons. Use Tui’s ‘smart autumn products’ to help you get a bumper crop this... More
11 Feb 2013
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Recycling organic waste is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. Plus it’s a fun, inexpensive way to produce rich worm tea or nutritious compost to get your garden blooming. Tui Products Ltd has partnered with... More
28 Jan 2013
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Keep your garden flourishing this summer with these smart summer products from Tui: Conserve moisture New from Tui, Tui Pea Straw Mulch is ideal for mulching around vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, trees and shrubs to help conserve soil... More
27 Dec 2011
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Joseph Bentley is a range of traditional garden tools admired for its heritage look and high quality. Used for over a century, these stainless steel garden tools are inspired by tools offered by Joseph Bentley in the 1900's.  The tools boast... More
14 Nov 2011
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A comprehensive guide to growing flowers at home, The Tui NZ Flower Garden will inspire gardeners of all skill levels. Featuring 150 stunning flowers widely grown around New Zealand, all in an easy-to-read A to Z format, each flower entry looks... More
14 Oct 2011
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Available sizes: 500g, 2.5L & 10L 2.5L covers up to 20 square metres10L covers up to 50 square metres Saturaid is a unique and worthwhile addition to all gardens.  It saves you time and money as it reduces water use by up to 50%. Please... More
14 Sep 2011
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Available sizes: 30L Tui Flower Power growing mix will improve the health, vitality, and growth potential of flowering plants. Tui Flower Power is a 100% weed free, bark and peat based mix with a six month controlled release fertiliser. The... More