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All your citrus questions answered

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We purchased a very run down property 10 yrs ago.we rescued an old persimmon tree amongst tall black bamboo n wonder if we can expect fruit. Have had acorn sized green fruit that just drops down. A nice shape to it though.
I tasted a lovely sweet grapefruit with an orange skin grown in the Bay of Plenty, would you know the name? thanks
Our lemon tree was planted 18 months ago - it has grown quickly to over 2 metres, looks healthy but isn't producing blossom or fruit. Is this a good thing?
If your tree has grown to 2m in 2 years, take the top out and perhaps reduce the nitrogen, or a little extra potash. Cheers
My established mandarin tree grows very small tight fruits which drop to the ground and a generally unedible as they are too small and not mature enough and ripened. I must admit I don't water it very often or probably feed it enough.
Hi, my yen-ben is about 3 years old. Has lots of fruit but very small and it never matures. We have been feeding all the right stuff and spraying Tui spray for mites etc., Can you help please. Joan
I grow some caffir lime trees in the pots and changed the soil with potting mix and compost a few months ago. Two of them had fruit but only small and the others didn't. One has slight yellow leaves. Is it better to grow them in the ground rather than in the pots? How do you make them bear a lot of fruit? They've been in the same size of pots for many years.
Hi, Our orange tree has lots of lovely big fruit but some of the fruit have split open.Can you please help?
Hi, I have moved about a year ago into a new house which has a lemon tree. It looks healthy enough and has lots of good sized green fruit on it but they just don't seem to be ripening. Am I being too impatient or is there something I should be doing?
hi there. I have to grow my lemon tree in a pot so I can have it in the sun much of the day. otherwise it would get minimal especially in the winter season. how do they cope with repotting when the time comes? I have heard they don't do good to be removed. is there some good tips I can follow when the time comes? thanks adrienne
I live in Christchurch close by Riccarton Bush.I have a massive lemon tree.Can I grow a lime tree on my property.Thanking you in anticipation.
Hi I have just transplanted a Mandarin tree from one side of town to my place it is about 1.5 mtrs high. The leaves are wilting and going brown. I don't know if it's to far gone but is there anything I can do to help it or am I best to try again with a younger tree. Thanks Shaun.
I am a new citrus gardener and I have potted Satsuma and Tahitian Lime which I feed with citrus food every two months - I notice that you recommend Seasol as well. What is the correct ratio of feeding if using both products? Have had an infestation of Hopper Vine insects which I have used a natural pyrethrum spray. Have also noticed a few tiny black beetles. Will the pyrethrum control both of these. Also, the Satsuma is developing some spiky lumps on the green fruit. What do I need to treat this with. Many thanks.
My lime tree has recently started to have the leaves curl up from the edges in large parts and some are curling and being eaten it looks like but I can’t find any bugs. I have pics I can show if anyone can help

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