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All your Fruit Questions Answered

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My tomatoes are still green and my peppers haven't even come out yet. What's with that? A cold Dunedin summer?
I have a Meyer Lemon Tree in a pot on my Deck it is watered well and has quite a few lemons about size 10 and 20 cent pieces - The leaves are going pale and some yellow It is in a very sunny place and I never let it get Dry What would be a solution Really don't want to loose the fruit Thanks Shelley
Hi, what can cause an avocado tree not to produce any fruit? the tree grew from an avocado pip and it's been around for more than 10 years. it was been pruned a couple of times but still no fruit. hope you can help thanks
Hi Can you tell me why my limes keep dropping off my tree. I get loads of flowers and most of them start to form little limes and then all of a sudden I loose the lot bar 1 or 2 and then they fall off as well. I water every second day and also feed it. I am growing it in a large pot. Your help would be appreciated.
Hello I was listening to radio interview on RNZ with Bostocks. He mentioned organic product to deal with coddling moth it makes the males disoriented, do you know what it is? And where to get it? Breaks the mating cycle Thanks
My nectarine tree grew heaps of small fruits. It's a dwarf in a large container. The wind has been so wicked and the rain its partner in crime shredded the wee fruit from the tree. What should I apply to address the stress?
I have 2 selfferilising dwarf Apricot trees, but neither have had any fruit on, although they did have flowers. What is the problem?
I have my dwarf fruit trees, peaches, apricots and nectarines, in large pots, I am trying blueberries in pots also this year, I have mixed results, the peaches are good.,Apricots seem more difficult, only got 4 this year they were delicious.
My fruit trees are doing well but I'm devastated there are NO blueberries or black currants on the bushes. What do you think is wrong? they are well mulched & watered. (Wanaka) thank you
My Golden Delicious apple I planted 4 years ago and have espaliered it against trellis. Last year I gave it Potash early winter but so far it has not flowered. I grew one in Auckland and it fruited the season after it was planted but here in the Waikato I have not succeeded in getting one flower.
Our cherry tree's leaves have screwed up on the new growing tips. This is a new tree planted just last year. What do we do for this
I am trying to get my Feijoa tree in the best condition before The leading months to April harvest. What can I be doing to get it lush and produce plump Feijoas? And when is the correct time to prune Feijoa trees?
so dissapointed,over the last 3/4 years we have lost a lemon, mandarin and now plum tree is just curling its toes up and dying, just like the others did, one day looking fine and the next we could see them die in front of our eyes. Will it be our soil for years we were inudated with lemons and mandarins, they were kept watered and fed,
Great newsletter! I am really keen to try an expeller plum tree. I live in Lower Hutt so don't know what my chances will be. Have you any hints?
Having bought a dwarf Apple in Nov. and in spite of the windy,dry conditions it appears to be surviving, Iwill take your advice and remove the crop produced in its first year.
My nectarine tree which is grown in a large pot fruits well but the fruit goes mouldy and rotten before it ripens, any advice please
Hi, we recently bought a property in Brighton, Dunedin. The property has two Nashi Pear trees which have been neglected for many years. It is long overdue a prune and we were wondering when is the best time to do this. Thanks
Hi there We have never had guava moth/codling moth in our feijoa fruit but are gutted to see it this year - is there anything we can do about it?
Hi there, I planted a grafted dwarf apple tree in the garden two years ago. It grew leaves year after year but no flowers or fruit. This year it's second year so far no leaves but I see new shoots. What do you think is the problem. I water regularly. Please help.
We've inherited a couple of huge plum trees when we bought our house nearly a year ago. Last year there was only 1 plum. This year there looked to be loads but they've just started turning yellow and falling off. They are about the half the size of my little finger. What should we do. The ground is flat and I thought a good wetness with all the rain but they're in a windy position. Thank you :)
Hi I have a large fig tree (2.5meters high approx)in the garden, we have been living on the property for three years, (tree was already there) but it has never fruited? It has large luscious leaves, and seems to be in good health? What can be done to help it fruit?

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