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Hi, you talk about establishing & planting new strawberry plants but what existing strawberry beds? Fir the first time last year we had strawberry raised garden beds which were a huge success. Now we have runners everywhere & we don't want to dig up the existing plants to put sheep pellets & fertiliser in. Or do we have to?
Hi Kylie, my existing beds I picked off runners and re plates where I wanted them.... I alternate years of horse poo and coffee grounds.....I've never had strawberries that tastes so good and big
the last two years our potato crops have had a marble effect through them here in Christchurch any suggestion on what could be wrong or how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.
My Azaleas have been flowering for the last two months. I live in Palmerston North and we have had - 2 degrees mornings but they are still happy. I this normal. Liz
Hi Jenna, our silver beet has what looks like 'rust' on it - how can we stop this?
I have trouble finding a nz seed sowing diary for both veg and flowers can Tui helpout here. Cheers, Earle
I have lots of juicy limes and would like to make lime marmalade with sliced limes not chopped up bits.
I have 50 yr old and 30 yr old grape vine that have a lot of flaky bark on the old wood. A couple of years ago the vine had scale as I was away and they did not get sprayed. There is still dead scale on the old bark. should I peel this off and just leave clean bark?

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