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Celebrating 10+ Years of Tui Superstrike Success

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Even lawns need love ❣️❣️❣️too. My lawn needs heaps of love .
My lawn has some awful ,ugly dry bare patches.They desperately need lawn seed
I am going to go and get superstrike lawn seed next week. I have got alot of brown patches where dog toilets himself, so hopefully this will work.
I have green grass around the edge of my once lovely lawn. After two dogs weeing then digging I have a large oasis of soil. I hope Tui Superstrike will help me to replace it.
We are literally about to sow our lawn in our tropical paradise in Taranaki.
Our lawn is all patcy at the moment with loads of weeds. I would love to have a nice lawn for the kiddies
My lawn is could do with some TLC, I have the time but not the money, so to win would be fantastic.
The lawn is the front door of the garden. After an unpredictable period my 'front door" needs a repaint and spruce up
I built my house as low to the lawn as possible. I prefer green, even to deck!
My husband has been trying to get our front lawn back to lush green from moss and weeds. Reading your lawn care has been very helpful.
I used to have a not bad lawn but since inheriting a big dog I now have holes and dirt. Help.
going to redo my lawn soon, has been down for 15 years looking a bit sad,
Our lawn is really sad after 30 years of planting its really need some love and care.
For the last 2 grass growing seasons I have patched my lawn, but it still needs more patching. HELP please
Just moved in to our new house this week. Always wanted a front lawn to make perfect Hopefully tui can help
With all the kids summer toys, pools, water slides just packed away for winter, our lawn is looking a little worse for wear. We have more then one bald spot needing attention. Thank you. There's nothing better then looking out the kitchen window onto a freshly mown lawn!
Thankfully our puppy has stopped digging the lawn & pulling up the kikuyu grass, but now we need to start again!
I'm growing into gardening, in the Autumn of my life. Wish I had known when I was younger, just how rewarding and how much fun it can be !


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