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Discover new Tui LawnForce

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Work prefect well in my garden when can replant fruits and vegs eg rockmelon watermelon okra eggplant and snakebean thank
Our field at school is a very high use area and the poor grass struggles to grow. Which lawn force food would you recommend?
I've already purchased some lawnforce but am wondering now if it's suitable for use around our dog?
Hi Julie, yes it is safe to use around dogs. Make sure it is well watered in before your dog is back on the lawn so it doesn't stick to their paws and transfer onto paved areas etc. Thanks! Gemma - Tui Team
Good Morning I used this product last weekend and I can already see results Now looking forward to spring to apply the next lot Used a hand spreader with great results
Good Evening I have just sent two photos of my lawn after using the new lawn food Looking forward to your reply Cheers Gordon
How does Lawn Force go if there are lots of weeds in the lawn. Do I need to do something to kill the weeds first ... and we have a dog too so could you take that into consideration in any recommendations. Thanks

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