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I am wondering what spray I can use for a mass invasion of the " clicker bug) sorry I don't know its real name. They are all over everything but am worried about spraying garden crops as I never use any sprays in vege and fruit garden? Now I am so worried they will destroy everything. ( They are the insect I call "fluffybums" until they turn into a winged insect.
Can you help. I often hear that lemon trees are so easy to grow. I have nothing but trouble trying to grow mine. It is now in a pot!
All Tips & Task ideas will all be gratefully received. Thank you.
Hi I live in the Wairarapa and need to prune our apricot tree ,its getting to big, when do i do this and how much can i take off
When are black boy peaches ready - in Christchurch. Do they soften on the tree?
I have quite a large grapefruit tree which usually has fruit on it all year round. Now for some reason there are no ripe fruit and little ones seem to be dropping off. Also when is the best time for pruning. I need to cut the height mainly.
Hi there, I have a problem with my tomato plants, they are covered with what looks like a white powder but it is very sticky, it is all over the plants and fruit, but the fruit is still k and tastes good????
Passion vine hoppers leave a sticky white mess i sprayed mine with pyrethrum spray
I have planted carrots x 3 since Christmas and have had NO luck with germination. Early November I planed two rows and they were great. What is ,my problem?
What is the wee beetle thats eating into my peachcots, they burrow in then the fruit gets rot from it.. and what to do about it
Blueberries.my are late summer/autumn variety. Heaps of berries yet to turn blue. Should I feed the berries and what with?
My Meyer lemon tree that is several years old has a lot of leaves but no fruit. Also the leaves have little bubble type spots on them. I've sprayed them with copper spray as the fruit had scale on them - now nothing! I've had my lime for 3 years and still no fruit. Help please. Thanks.
Blueberries like a slightly acid soil. You can achieve this with a handful of citric acid per large plant. Buy it at the supermarket. It is cheap.
Hi there I planted sweet corn for the first time and got a great crop do I leave the plants in the ground to come back or do I pull them out and plant new next year

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