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Summer time in the garden – tips and tricks for success

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Last year I kept seed from a tomato that we particularly enjoyed.I spread the seed on a paper towel and put it away.recently I spread the towel on the soil and covered it with dirt and now we have all these healthy looking plants growing.We feed them with tomato plant food and they are doing well
I am keen to try growing asparagus for the first time. Do you have any past articles or tips? Where and when can I but root stock? Thanks
Hi Tony, If you look through our Vegetable Gardener's Diary you will see lots of tips on growing asparagus - best way is to search 'asparagus' in the search function on the home page and this will bring up all the references to asparagus. I also recommend checking out The NZ Vegetable Garden book, this book provides a complete guide to growing vegetables, including asparagus. Most local garden centres sell asparagus crowns, if not they should be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck, would love to know how you get on! Cass - Tui Team

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