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Top Tips for Bumper Tomatoes

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I obeyed all the instructions for growing tomatoes and have strong thriving tomato plants but no tomatoes. What is wrong?
may also be lack of bees- if your flowers arent being pollinated you could get a very soft artists paintbrush and gently brush pollen from one flower to another...
My tomatoes have lots of crispy crinkled leaves l feed and water them regularly
How do I stop whitefly or aphids in my glasshouse. I am growing courgettes and tomatoes hydroponically. Thanks
Great tips. I am looking forward to a bumper crop of tomatoes this season.
Hi one of my tomato plants is looking green and healthy and growing well with a good thick stem but it’s new leaves are small curled and mishappen - it looks different to the leaf curl that can happen due to temperature changes or irregular watering. I have given it a dose of seasol. Can’t see any bugs - is it a disease? What should I do? Many thanks
How do I protect my plants from birds? They are killing my seedlings & these haven't even grown YET!!!
We have had a go at growing our own veggies for the past couple of years, and its been ok. This year thanks to all your tips we have a bumper wee garden going and we love heading out there on these nice long nights to potter. We still classify ourselves as newbies and its definitely not cheap getting it all started but we have a good supply of fertiliser and different gardening bits and pieces now and we feel like we have a good base knowledge of what we are doing. I grew up with home grown veggies so I like that we are giving that back to our kids. Even if at that age I didn't understand how good that was. :) This year our tomatoes are in containers and they are looking really good. I have noticed some little green bug clusters on them and my nana suggested warm soapy water with a tiny bit of cooking oil in a spare bottle, Has anyone tried that? Keen to find and try home hints and tips before buying anything.
My tomatoes have got blight, I have never had this before. Could it have come from the seeds I planted?
My tomatoes are growing really well however, I have noticed from time to time some of the flowers will dye off. Is something nibbling on them or is it related to how I'm growing them?

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