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Win a Homemade Garden Pack Worth $5200

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I enjoy watching programmes which have the use of the Tui products in the garden.
Love the program Homemade. Would do with a new Laundry and Garden re make.
Fantastic selection of clear & specific targeted products for gardening use, we love them, thank you :-) Also enjoying the Homemade TV show, lots of tips/ ideas down to earth & you all show how possible everything is despite the location, terrain & weather :-)
I've used other garden products before, but when I've tried Tui brand I keep using it ever since. It keeps my plants grow healthy and quickly.
I love seeing the fb posts videos and inspiration, I save every single post to refer to for my horticulture classes. My students love gardening love mucking in and also enjoy the study growth of our plants. We've had some major fails so this term we're working on keeping plants alive and producing goodness.

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