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Scotts EasyGreen Spreader

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This broadcast spreader on wheels is especially designed for use with Scotts Lawn Builder fertilisers and provides an even application of lawn fertiliser to give great results.

The spreader distributes the fertiliser from the hopper on to a rotating disc that moves as the wheels turn and spreads the fertiliser. This rotary spreader is on wheels for ease of application and the opening of the hopper is controlled by a lever on the handle.

Suitable for spreading the full range of Scotts Lawn Builder lawn fertilisers.


  • Quick and easy to use.

Directions For Use: 

  1. Before loading the spreader, multiply square metres of lawn by the recommended application rate, to determine exactly how much fertiliser you need to cover the lawn at the correct rate. You will find the recommended application rate on the pack.
  2. Select the spreader setting listed on the product bag.
  3. Make passes up and down the lawn, taking care not to overlap the application.


  • Sweep granules off paths and paving to avoid iron staining.