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Ticket To The Moon Hammocks

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Available Sizes: 

Single - 3.2m x 1.5m

Ticket To The Moon Hammocks are made from nylon parachute silk that moulds to any body shape, making them extremely comfortable. These hammocks are weather proof to prevent bleaching from the sun and rotting from mildew and rain, as well as being machine washable.

They are ideal to take on holiday or on camping trips as they are light and fold down in to a handy side pocket.

The hammocks are incredibly strong with high grade nylon stitching and stainless steel S-hooks. A single hammock can support up to 160kgs/400 lbs.


Light and compact.
Packs away into sown in pouch that doubles as a handy pocket.
Extremely strong.
Very comfortable.
Machine washable.

Directions For Use: 

When using your hammock

Always remove shoes and sharp objects.
Avoid prolonged exposure to weather (pack away when not in use).
Keep well away from fire.
Remove hooks before washing.

Each hammock comes with detailed hanging instructions