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Tui Flower Power

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Tui Flower Power growing mix will improve the health, vitality, and growth potential of flowering plants.

Tui Flower Power is a 100% weed free, bark and peat based mix with a six month controlled release fertiliser. The additions of Acadian seaweed, sulphate of potash, and Saturaid will ensure your plants reach their maximum flowering potential while developing a strong root system and healthy green foliage.

Use Tui Flower Power when planting into garden beds, pots and containers, or hanging baskets.


  • Maximum flowering.
  • Aids in root establishment.
  • Six month controlled release fertiliser.
  • Contains Acadian seaweed.
  • Suitable for use in pots and garden beds.

Directions For Use: 

Garden planting

  1. At planting time dig a hole approximately twice the depth and width of the plants rootball.
  2. Half fill the hole with Tui Flower Power.
  3. Place the plant in the hole and fill in with Tui Flower Power.
  4. Gently pat and water.

Container planting

  1. Half fill a suitable container with Tui Flower Power.
  2. Place the plant in the centre of the container.
  3. Fill container with Tui Flower Power.
  4. Shake the container to settle mix and top up if necessary.

NB: Leave a few centimeters of space from the top of containers to prevent overflow when watering.

Mulching flowering annuals

  1. Apply a layer approximately 5cm deep around plants for an added boost of nutrients.
  2. Avoid contact with plant roots to avoid rot.


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