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Tui Prickle Eliminator for Lawns Shot

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Available Sizes: 

50ml Single Shot™ concentrate

Use Tui Prickle Eliminator for Lawns to combat prickle weeds invading your lawn. It is specifically designed to rid your lawn of prickle weed (Onehunga weed) without damaging grass.  Prickle weed sets its tiny spiky seeds in late spring and dies away in the heat of summer. For a prickle-free lawn, apply in autumn and spring to prevent spikes from setting.

It is effective on:

  • Prickle Weed (Onehunga Weed).

This Single Shot™ concentrate makes 5L, which covers approximately 50m² of lawn.

Active ingredient: contains 144g/L bentazone as a soluble concentrate.

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  • Kills weeds not your lawn.
  • A Single Shot™ makes 5L.

Directions For Use: 


  1. Add 5L of water to a suitable spray bottle.
  2. Shake the Shot™ well and add the contents to the spray bottle.
  3. Mix well.


  1. For best results spray weeds when they are actively growing (spring and autumn).
  2. Shake well before and during use.
  3. Spray weeds thoroughly, including the underside of leaves.
  4. For plant-specific application details see table.
  5. Spray in still weather to limit spray drift onto desirable plants. If spray does get on desirable plants hose off immediately.
  6. We recommend using spray within 24 hours of mixing.
  7. For best results re-apply if it rains within 6 hours.

Tui Tip:

  • This 50ml Shot™ is designed to be used in 5L of water.  If you need less than 5L of spray use the 10ml markings on the bottle to measure the required amount. For example, if you need 50ml for 5L, use 10ml of this Shot™ for 1L.

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