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Garden Basics
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    Garden Basics Seaweed is a liquid seaweed plant treatment and soil revitaliser which helps to promote strong root growth, reduces transplant shock and increases plant tolerance to plant stresses su
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    Garden Basics Lawn Food is a liquid fertiliser with fish and trace elements to promote strong healthy growth, revitalise soil, and boost lawn colour and thickness.
Kent & Stowe

With a unique heritage and a history dating back to the 1600s, Kent & Stowe tools have been built on tradition and crafted for life. Kent & Stowe tools were designed with the gardeners at Stowe Gardens, and tested by gardening professionals throughout England. The tools are based on traditional designs ensuring the tools are as close to original versions as possible, yet encompassing current and more advanced techniques to improve the strength and quality, still keeping all original characteristics.

Garden Galore

Garden Galore has been helping New Zealand gardens grow and flourish for over 30 years. The new Garden Galore range of fertilisers and mixes includes unique mini sheep pellets - made from a 100% weed free and natural mixture of powdered sheep manure and blood and bone. Also available in the Garden Galore range of straw mulches, and lawn seed featurng Superstrike technology. Garden Galore products are available from Bunnings stores throughout New Zealand.

Lawn Builder

All Tui Superstrike Lawn Seed varieties feature a unique treatment which encourages fast establishment of lawn seed, so you can see results in as little as seven days. This industry leading treatment also protects the seed from common fungal diseases during establishment and reduces bird theft. It includes an additive which effectively binds the treatment to the seed, minimising dust. Choose the right Tui Superstrike Lawn Seed for your backyard from the different varieties; whether you require a low maintenance lawn, a hardwearing lawn for high traffic areas, a fine textured, ornamental lawn, a drought tolerant lawn for sandy soils, or a lawn in a shady spot.


Norlake offers a complete range of garden products including potting mix, fertiliser, sheep pellets, and lawn seed to complete all your backyard makeovers – available at Placemakers. 

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    500g covers up to 25 square metres.2.5L covers up to 50 square metres (please note 2.5L is equivalent to approx. 1kg).