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Garden Galore

Garden Galore has been helping New Zealand gardens grow and flourish for over 30 years. The new Garden Galore range of fertilisers and mixes includes unique mini sheep pellets - made from a 100% weed free and natural mixture of powdered sheep manure and blood and bone. Also available in the Garden Galore range of straw mulches, and lawn seed featurng Superstrike technology. Garden Galore products are available from Bunnings stores throughout New Zealand.

Joseph Bentley

Every gardener needs tools to keep the garden tidy and plant growth in check. Good quality tools will last for years, and if well looked after they can be passed down from one generation to the next. The Joseph Bentley name has been trading in the gardening industry for over 100 years and these heritage styled tools boast carefully finished solid wooden handles and polished stainless steel heads, were inspired by a range created by the original Joseph Bentley in the 1900s. The Joseph Bentley range contains everything you need, from specialised tools for specific tasks, long handled tools for big jobs, hand tools for weeding and transplanting and midi length hand tools to help prevent back ache and reduce bending while gardening.


To lead the way in organic recycling, Tumbleweed manufactures a range of compost bins and worm farms, from recycled plastics, to suit every household and every gardener.

Tui Pet
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    This can be hung over any tree branch to give you an instant hanging position The large end of the Branch Hook measures 19.05 cm in diameter, allowing you to position your feeder on virtually any s
  • 1 recommendations
    This adjustable Clamp-On Deck Hook allows feeders to be fixed to deck railings for up-close viewing pleasure.
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    These jewel toned feeders are available in Blue and Green. They are constructed of durable polycarbonate plastic that will give years of performance and enhance any back yard.
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    Great value for the beginner who wants to experience the thrill of wild bird feeding. Made from reliable, water resistant plastic, it feeds multiple birds with 6 portals and is easy to refill.
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    Nectar feeding birds such as Tui, Bellbirds, and Waxeyes love sugar water, especially when nectar flowering trees are out of season.
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    Made from 100% recycled materials this hopper styled feeder offers an abundance of perching room for a range of sizes of birds.
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    The wall mounted feeder is one of Tui’s most versatile and popular products, as any sized garden or outdoor area can accommodate it.
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    The stylish small feeder makes a great gift to someone new at feeding birds. The versatile and economical size is ideal for patios or decks when trying to attract only a few birds.
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    With both perches and a tray, bird can feed in whichever position is most natural for them.Having three perches and feeding portals provides space for multiple birds.
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    The Giant Combo Feeder will make a wonderful addition to your backyard, deck, or patio décor, with its attractive hammered copper finish and all metal construction.
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    Solid powder coated coloured construction makes this quality dual chamber feeder a must for the discerning wild bird fan.
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    Tui's Wild Bird Seed Bell will give birds days of entertainment and nutrition as they use their natural pecking instincts to pull apart the bell.
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    Tui Wild Bird Mix is a nutritious seed blend designed to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden.
Lawn Builder
Miracle Gro
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    The crème de la crème in potting mix. This premium mixture is ideal for special and delicate potted plants.
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    Add a splash of colour and fragrance to entrances, balconies and patios with flowering bulbs planted in pots and containers using Debco Bulb Mix.
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    Debco Rose Compost has been specially formulated to assist in the establishment of bare-rooted roses and deciduous trees. It can also be used for planting potted roses and shrubs.
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    500g covers up to 25 square metres.2.5L covers up to 50 square metres (please note 2.5L is equivalent to approx. 1kg).