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  • 16 recommendations

    Tui General Fertiliser is a helping hand for all areas of your home garden – replenishing soil with much-needed nutrients to make your garden thrive year-round.

  • 15 recommendations

    Tui Blood & Bone is an essential garden ingredient, promoting healthy plant growth and conditioning your soil to encourage earthworm and microbial activity, so your garden can perform at its pe

  • 8 recommendations

    Tui Lime is a staple ingredient for healthy, thriving gardens.

  • 5 recommendations

    Tui Dolomite Lime is an essential garden ingredient, providing a natural source of calcium and magnesium to help your garden perform at its peak.

  • 14 recommendations

    Gypsum is a slow-release source of sulphur and calcium which play a key role in improving soil structure, aeration and water retention. So you can grow better, healthier crops.

  • 13 recommendations

    Tired of checking out your neighbour’s garden and wondering why theirs is thriving and yours looks in need of a helping hand? Help is here.

  • 33 recommendations

    Not all fertilisers are created equal.

  • 11 recommendations

    Tui Sulphate of Potash is an excellent source of potassium, essential for encouraging superior fruit and flower development from your fruit, vegetables and flowering plants.

  • 7 recommendations

    Tui Sulphate of Ammonia is an excellent source of nitrogen, which stimulates above ground growth of plant life. Nitrogen intensifies the colour of leaves and growth rate in plants.

  • 4 recommendations

    Tui Superphosphate is an excellent source of phosphorus, essential for encouraging strong, healthy root and plant development.

  • 53 recommendations

    Do your plants a good deed this season and give them a well deserved feed of New Zealand’s most widely used compound fertiliser.

  • 14 recommendations

    Tui Eco-Fert is a powdered seaweed concentrate that stimulates plant and crop development. The 100% soluble and organic ingredients mean 100% of the benefits are used by plants.

  • 3 recommendations

    Osmocote Total All Purpose is a no-fuss general purpose controlled release plant food. Use it throughout the garden to promote healthy growth, beautiful flowers and generous fruiting.

  • 11 recommendations

    A multi-purpose water soluble plant fertiliser that feeds through roots and leaves to promote stronger, larger, healthier plants and generous flowering and fruiting.

  • 1 recommendations

    Tui NovaTec Premium fertiliser provides a sustained release of nitrogen for up to four months, encouraging strong, healthy growth in all areas of your garden.