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Tui supplies high quality and long-lasting garden accessories for gardeners, including the Joseph Bentley range of gardening tools, Bird Feeders and Seed, as well as 'The Tui NZ Garden' range of gardening books. This book series includes practical, highly illustrated guides to planting and maintaining gardens at home. These publications are suitable for gardeners of all skill levels seeking to grow some or all of their own fruit, flowers and vegetables. The brand new Wild Bird range of Bird Feeders and Bird Seed are a popular way to attract wild birds to your backyard.


Every gardener needs tools to keep the garden tidy and plant growth in check. Good quality tools will last for years, and if well looked after they can be passed down from one generation to the next. The Joseph Bentley name has been trading in the gardening industry for over 100 years and these heritage styled tools boast carefully finished solid wooden handles and polished stainless steel heads, were inspired by a range created by the original Joseph Bentley in the 1900s. The Joseph Bentley range contains everything you need, from specialised tools for specific tasks, long handled tools for big jobs, hand tools for weeding and transplanting and midi length hand tools to help prevent back ache and reduce bending while gardening.

Waste Bag
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    Ticket To The Moon Hammocks are made from nylon parachute silk that moulds to any body shape, making them extremely comfortable.

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    Get your green fix indoors! Made from frost resistant ceramics, these mini pots come in a rainbow of seven bright, bold colours, and are perfect for herbs or house plants.