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Growing Mix

Tui has a range of growing mixes to cater for different applications in the garden. Garden Mix is for general use in your garden, for planting trees and shrubs, Seed Raising Mix is for growing plants from seed, and Tui's Specialty Mixes are for use in garden beds or pots and are specially formulated for groups of plants, for example Tui Tomato Mix is an ideal mix for growing tomatoes.

Special Purpose
  • 3 recommendations

    Tui Flower Power growing mix will improve the health, vitality, and growth potential of flowering plants.

  • 15 recommendations

    Whether your vege patch is bursting with salad greens for summer barbeques, or carrots and leeks for hearty winter soups, nothing beats the satisfaction of ‘growing your own’.

  • 7 recommendations

    Tui Tomato Mix is the perfect growing medium for your tomato plants and can be used to plant seedlings in the garden or in containers and pots.

  • 9 recommendations

    Tui Strawberry Mix is a one-step planting solution for strawberries and can be incorporated into the garden or used in pots, containers and hanging baskets.

  • 1 recommendations

    Fragrant herbs will add a flavour punch to any meal, particularly when they are freshly snipped from your own garden.

  • 9 recommendations

    Establishing a lawn is like building a house - you need a good foundation.

  • 1 recommendations

    Nothing beats the taste of fresh seasonal vegetables harvested from your own backyard, and using Tui Organic Vegetable Mix means you can rest assured you have maximised the natural goodness in your

General Purpose
  • 3 recommendations

    Create the perfect oasis for enjoying the great outdoors with thriving fruit trees, shrubs, vegetables and flowers.

Seed Raising