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Worm Farms and Composting

Healthy nutrient rich soil is essential to get the most from your plants. Worm farming is a fun way to turn your organic waste into rich fertiliser for your garden - worm castings, and worm tea. View our worm farming guide here. Composting is a simple way to transform household greenwaste and garden waste into a rich soil conditioner that adds nutrient rich organic matter to replenish your soil. View our composting guide here.

Tumbleweed Worm Farms and Compost Bins are a great option to get you started. Our range of accessories will ensure success with your worm farming and composting.
NOTE: As the distributor for Tumbleweed within New Zealand, we are advising that Tumbleweed are rebranding to ‘Reln Garden’ within the next couple of months. Shortly you will see the new look Reln Garden product in stores.

Worm Farms

Recycle your kitchen waste into nutrient rich worm castings and worm tea for your garden, with a Tumbleweed Worm Farm.

Worm Farm Accessories

For the most efficient worm farm, choose from the range of Worm Farm Accessories such as the Worm Blankets and Worm Farm and Compost Conditioner.

Compost Bins

Recycle your organic household waste from your kitchen and garden into valuable nutrient rich food for your garden with a Tumbleweed Compost Bin.

Composting Accessories

Speed up the decomposition process and improve the quality of your compost with the below range of composting accessories.