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The foundation of a successful garden is getting the base right. Get the growing media right and the growth will follow. With so many options available it can be hard to know which growing media is appropriate.

What is growing media?

Growing media is what a plant is growing in. This covers soil, compost, seed raising mix, potting mix, garden mix, and specialty growing mixes like Tui Vegetable Mix. They are all mediums for growing plants.

What are the different types of growing media?

  • Compost is a soil conditioner and adds organic matter back into your soil.
  • Garden mix is for general use in your garden, for planting trees and shrubs.
  • Potting mix is for growing plants in containers, pots and hanging baskets.
  • Seed raising mix is for growing plants from seed.
  • Specialty mixes are for use in garden beds or pots and are specially formulated for groups of plants, for example Tui Tomato Mix contains the ideal nutrients for growing tomatoes.

What are the qualities of a good growing media?

The mix should be free-draining, allowing water to pass through for the plant to absorb, but without causing water logging and potentially root rot diseases. A good mix provides air- roots need oxygen like people do. When you open the bag, growing media should be dark brown in colour, lightweight and friable.

What are the extras a good growing media should contain?

  • Natural fertilisers like blood and bone, sheep manure, and gypsum.
  • Time release fertilisers - these release nutrients to the plant over set periods of time for example 1, 3, 6 or 9 months.
  • Granular fertilisers like potash that boost fruit and flower development.
  • Wetting agents that help distribute water evenly through the soil, like Saturaid.
  • Water storing granules to retain water in the soil (usually for container plants).
  • Peat, pumice and coir fibre to for lighter, more open growing mixes.

Tui Growing Media:

Tui Organic Compost:

  • 100% weed free.
  • Additions of blood and bone and gypsum, to improve the structure and natural fertility of your soil.
  • Don’t plant directly into compost as it can burn roots - dig it in and then wait a week or two.

Tui Potting Mixes:

  • 100% weed free.
  • Contain Saturaid wetting agent.
  • Tui All Purpose is excellent for indoor plants like ferns and palms and also for heavy feeding container plants outside like vegetables and potted colour. It can feed these plants for up to 6 months.
  • Tui Outdoor Container Mix is formulated for plants grown outside in hanging baskets and containers because it has water storing crystals and will feed for up to 6 months.

Tui Garden Mix:

  • Blend of potting mix and compost.
  • Conditions the soil like compost.
  • Provides valuable nutrients and fertilisers to plants to reduce transplant shock and establish healthy root systems.
  • Plant directly into it unlike compost.
  • Recommended for planting trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials.
  • Ideal for fruit trees because it has high analysis fertilisers in it.

Tui Specialty Mixes:

  • All contain starter fertiliser to promote healthy seedling growth and feed plants.
  • All mixes can be used in garden beds or pots and containers which is very convenient.
  • Tui Vegetable Mix has added Acadian seaweed, sheep pellets, blood and bone for organic fertilising and dolomite lime for healthy green growth.
  • Tui Strawberry Mix and Tui Tomato Mix are individually formulated with Acadian seaweed, and additional potash with a peat base to further promote fruit and flower for heavy crops.
  • Tui Flower Mix s a high quality planting mix containing the right blend of nutrients to provide your flowers with the best possible start and sustained flowering throughout the season. We’ve added Acadian seaweed to this mix, for extra-strong healthy plants.
  • Tui Lawn Preparation Mix is guaranteed 100% weed free (unlike topsoil) and contains essential nutrients and fertilisers to speed up germination of lawn seed.
  • Tui Herb Mix is a light, free-draining mix made from a high quality blend of bark and pumice. It is rich in nitrogen to promote green, leafy growth and continuous harvesting.
  • Tui Seed Raising Mix includes a fungicide to protect vulnerable seeds from disease, and added gypsum to promote early and strong root development.

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