Laura's Portable Herb Project

Flexi tubs are a great portable planter option. They retain water really well and are a super cost effective way to create new gardens, especially if you're short on space. Fill them with your favourite herbs and place it close to the kitchen for easy picking! Follow this simple guide shared by Laura MacDonald (@thekiwicountrygirl).

Shopping list:

  • 1 x 26L flexi tub from your local DIY store.
  • 1 x Tui All Purpose Potting Mix 40L
  • Herbs of your choice. Basil, coriander, parsley and mint are all good options.



  1. Drill about 10 holes approximately 1cm in diameter in the bottom of the flexi tub.
  2. Fill the planter box almost to the top with the potting mix.
  3. Dig four evenly spaced holes that are slightly deeper and wider than the cells that the herb plants are in.
  4. Gently remove the plants from the cells by pressing up from the bottom of the pot and place the plant in the hole you dug.
  5. Fill in around the plant with the potting mix and gently press down so that the plant is nice and snug.
  6. Once all of your herbs are planted give the planter box a really good water. A good rule of thumb is to water until you start seeing water trickling out of the drainage holes at the bottom – this way you know it’s had a really good soaking.

I love using ice block sticks to make plant markers - I just write on them with ballpoint pen to remind me of what is there! Plus, they look cute.

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