Novatec Premium Fertiliser Guide

Fertilising is important to help replenish soil with nutrients previously used by plants during the growing season, to ensure your plants flourish.

Novatec is New Zealand’s next generation fertiliser, because it has been developed with new ‘nitrogen stabilising technology’. This technology provides a sustained release of nitrogen to the plant while the remaining nitrogen is held in the soil until it is needed by the plant. This means it feeds your plants more efficiently and more sustainably.Other fertilisers can ‘dump’ nitrogen into the soil and it is washed away before it can be used by the plant.

Novatec won’t leach out of the soil into our waterways; so it is better for plants and better for the environment.

Novatec can be used to feed the entire garden: edible crops, flowering plants, fruit trees, and shrubs. It is also safe for use on your plants in pots and containers, and is highly recommended for roses.

Novatec is a premium longer lasting slow release fertiliser that grows stronger, healthier plants. Novatec is used by professional growers throughout New Zealand and around the world.

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