Tui BioGro Certified Organic Range

Maximise the natural goodness in your garden with Tui’s BioGro certified range.

Nothing beats the taste of fresh seasonal vegetables harvested from your own patch, or the sweet scent of flowers blooming in your backyard. Gardening with Tui’s new range of BioGro certified products means you can rest assured you have maximised the natural goodness in your garden.

Healthy soil is an essential ingredient to create thriving, healthy plant growth. Crafted from natural resources including bark fines and chicken manure, Tui Organic Compost is designed to help your garden flourish revitalising your soil with organic matter and nutrients. The addition of Tui Organic Compost to gardens will increase water holding capacity in light soils, improve drainage in heavy soils and encourage earthworm and microbial activity.

Whether your pots are bursting with fresh seasonal vegetables, beautiful blooms, or lush green vegetation, using Tui Organic Potting Mix provides your potted plants with a 100% organic growing medium. The combination of natural resources including bark fines, peat and pumice, with the healthy additions of a slow release fertiliser and disease suppressant, ensures your potted plants prosper.

Tui Organic Seed Raising Mix provides your seeds with a 100% organic start to life. Bark fines, peat and fine pumice, and a slow release fertiliser and disease suppressant, are combined to ensure your seeds get the very best natural start to life.

No matter what variety of vegetable you are tending in your backyard, Tui Organic Vegetable Mix provides your vegetables with a 100% organic growing medium. Crafted from natural ingredients including bark fines, the healthy additions of a slow release fertiliser, a disease suppressant, calcium and potassium, this mix is designed to ensure you get the most from your vegetable patch.

NEW Tui Organic General Fertiliser is a helping hand for your organic garden - replenishing soil with much-needed nutrients to maximise the natural goodness in the plants you have carefully tended. Crafted from natural resources, this all purpose plant food can be used on vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs. Use during the active growth periods of spring and autumn for a flourishing garden.

The Tui Organics range is available at all good garden centres and DIY stores.

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Tui BioGro Certified Organic Range Comments

  • Using Organics in the garden dispells the worry of breathing in and/or getting slack re. hygiene from nasty chemicals during gardening AND keeps my cats and other pets like rabbits and chooks, from being poisoned!!


  • Love to go organic, more awesome Tui products.

    Carlene Jones

  • With the family effected by certain chemicals it?s great to grow our own and trust that what we use is suitable for all of our family


  • We are finally putting in raised beds and we want our food to be as healthy and organic as possible for our 3 boys. We are so excited to teach our boys how to garden and grow their own food and yo share the Kai with others.

    Karen Te Whata

  • I like organic products for my health and plants nd for my worms and microorganisms in the soil.

    Denise Watt

  • Thanks

    Adela bright

  • Excellent korero above

    Ashley Bryers

  • I love the fact its organic. Can't get better than that for our families. Thank you

    Vicky Naylor

  • My neighbour keeps bees so it is very important to keep poisonous chemicals away from my garden.

    Jenny Hodder

  • Thanks for your feedback Vicky :) Happy gardening from the Tui Team.


  • Thanks for your feedback Kirsten :) Happy spring gardening from the Tui Team.


  • Hi Karen, exciting you are starting your own garden - you can't beat homegrown for the whole family to enjoy. Happy planting from the Tui Team!


  • I have bee hives on my property and don;t use chemicals

    Peter Jack

  • Any truth in the rumor that ripe Feijoas will only drop off the plant on the third harvest ? Sounds like bunkum to me ..

    Adam Bogacki

  • Hi Adam, we haven't heard this. Feijoas can take few years to fruit and you can start to harvest when wind fallen fruit starts to appear on the ground. Thanks, Tui Team


  • Thanks Tui for keeping us safe with your organic gardening products and all your tips on gardening.

    Paula Jones

  • Hi Paula, thanks for your feedback. Happy gardening from the Tui Team!


  • No nasty chemicals needed - nature and bio is the best!


  • We use TUI BIOGRO in our raised veggie box's and have wonderful results - friends ask what do we feed our veggie's and smile when we say Tui's.l

    Dave and Gloria

  • Hi Dave and Gloria, that's wonderful to hear! Thank you for sharing this feedback and we hope you enjoy summer in the garden. ^Tui Team