Norlake Hardwearing Coated Lawn Seed

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Grow a hardwearing lawn for high use areas.

Norlake Hardwearing Coated Lawn Seed contains perennial ryegrass and fescue for a hardy lawn. The coating includes a bird repellent, fungicide and fertiliser for even growth.

Sow in high use areas such as backyards, playgrounds and driveways for a hardwearing lawn.

Covers approximately 150 square metres.


  • Contains perennial ryegrass and fescue for a hardy lawn.
  • Coated with bird repellent, fungicide and fertiliser for even growth.
  • Suitable for high use areas such as backyards, playgrounds and driveways.

Directions for use

  1. Spray the area to kill off any weeds or existing grass, then clear away.
  2. Prepare a level and compact area by gently raking, rolling and filling.
  3. Sow seed at a rate of 30g per square metre. Sow in a north to south direction and then in an east to west direction for complete coverage.
  4. Rake to cover the seed.
  5. Water and keep moist until germinated.
  6. The new lawn will be ready to mow when it has reached a height of 5cm.
  7. Set the blades high and ensure they are sharp to protect the new growth. For the next mow reduce the height to 2.5cm.

For best results sow in early spring or early autumn.

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