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Insect pests, diseases & weeds?
Use the Tui Garden Problem Solver to help you find solutions to common insect pests, diseases and weeds in your garden.
Autumn Gardening Guide
Autumn is a major harvesting period and also a great time to get some crops in to enjoy over winter!
Tui Autumn Times
Complete with loads of gardening advice to help keep your garden flourishing over Autumn.
Put your freshly picked basil to good use with Bev's Basil Pesto - perfect with pasta, poured over... read more

There is nothing quite like wandering barefoot across your backyard savouring the feeling of grass between your toes... read more

It’s all hands on deck in the backyard now with fruit ready to be harvested after... More

Tui Product Range

At Tui not only do we deliver top quality gardening products, we also have products for your home and for your pets.

Tui Home ProductsTui Pet Products

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