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18 May 2017
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Q. I grow kaffir lime trees in pots and changed the soil with potting mix a few months ago. Two of them have small fruit and the others don't. One has slight yellow leaves. Is it better to grow them in the ground rather than in pots? How do you... More
17 May 2017
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Make sure you have everything you need to enjoy and keep your garden growing over the autumn months with our autumn garden must haves!   TUI WILD BIRD SEED & FEEDERS Feeding birds is a simple way to increase the number of birds that visit... More
11 May 2017
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Growing vegetables, herbs, citrus and berries in pots is a wonderful way to enjoy fresh produce. It’s a great option for those with limited space, and being portable they can move when you do.   As with growing anything in containers it’s all... More
5 May 2017
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Q. Hi, I'm wondering if you could advise what vegetables would be suitable to grow from now through the winter time? We live in North Otago about 420m above sea level and so we normally do get snow fall once or twice a year that stays for a bit... More
3 May 2017
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Gain inspiration this season from our Facebook friends who have shared their top tips for your garden this season.   Soak seedlings in Seasol before planting to give them that extra boost and a great start especially in summer, it works a... More
19 Apr 2017
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This month Edendale School students share their three favourite garden games. A fun way to extend garden learning, try these in your own garden these school holidays!   This month we would like to share Edendale students three favourite garden... More
18 Apr 2017
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While now is a great time to plant citrus, it is also when your trees will be full of fresh citrus delights to harvest! We often get questions on problems with the citrus you are growing in your backyard, so we have put together answers to your... More
12 Apr 2017
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The long Easter weekend is the perfect opportunity to enjoy time in the garden. Plant winter vege crops, pick tasty autumn fruits to create delicious chutney's and sauces, fill your garden with beautiful bulbs and involve the kids in some... More
5 Apr 2017
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This year’s Melbourne Flower and Garden Show provided inspiration and insight into upcoming garden trends. We’ve captured seven of the most evident trends to draw on for your own piece of paradise!   1. Green and white colour palette  A popular... More
5 Apr 2017
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Q. I have given up trying to grow any sort of onion and also garlic, chives and leeks because they get covered in a little black aphid which completely destroys the plant. If I spray, they go away for a period of time but inevitably come back.... More