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21 Jul 2017
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A Kiwi icon in the garden! Try new Tui Sheep Pellets and prep your garden for spring.   Like kiwifruit are to pavlova, and jandals to summer, Tui Sheep Pellets are the perfect partner for your plants. Containing all natural pelletised New... More
20 Jul 2017
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We're excited to have joined Instagram! For even more ideas, inspiration and giveaways for your garden and home join us @tuigardenandhome. We're working on some exciting projects for spring, so see you there! More
13 Jul 2017
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Q. Hello, last year something attacked my immature Golden Queen peaches. It left a hole in the fruit and the sap was outside the hole. What caused this and how can I stop it please? Kevin. A. That is a fruit worm caterpillar. It gets into the... More
11 Jul 2017
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Why? Kiwis throw away over 2,500 tonnes of broccoli stalks and leaves every year. That’s a lot of food going to waste that could be eaten.   Broccoli stalks are both edible and delicious. That’s right, broccoli stalks are edible! That may be... More
9 Jul 2017
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Bursting with goodness, these hardy no fuss vegetables are brilliant crops to plant in the winter garden. All members of the cabbage family are brassicas. Many of the family are widely known and grown such as cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels... More
27 Jun 2017
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New season roses are in-store now so it's the perfect time to plant! Get our tips to rose success below and check out our top picks to plant for that someone special.   Top Tips for beautiful blooms May to August is the best time to plant bare... More
27 Jun 2017
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Q. Hi, with kumara costing more to buy at the supermarket at the moment, I was wondering when the best time to plant it is and if you had any tips? Thanks. A. Kumara is a versatile vege and spring is the best time to plant it. Check at your... More
13 Jun 2017
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Q. Hi, when you buy garlic seed bulbs do you divide the bulbs up or do you plant whole bulb? Thanks, Olive. A. This is a great question. When planting garlic, you need to break up each bulb into cloves, it is these cloves which you plant not... More
12 Jun 2017
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You can't beat fresh veges harvested from your own garden. To help you enjoy a continuous supply of delicious homegrown veges we've put together our top five winter crops to add to your patch.   1. Beetroot - a versatile crop, where both the... More
30 May 2017
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Winter may have arrived but there is still plenty to do in the garden! Garden to Table School Holy Cross School in Miramar maintain a flourishing garden, that provides the children with produce all year round. Check out their video above to... More