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1 Oct 2015
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For novice gardeners a few herbs grown in pots can be the perfect introduction to the joys of ‘growing your own’. For those more experienced gardeners, get inspired in the kitchen and try growing different herbs that suit your culinary style... More
30 Sep 2015
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Q. Hi, this year I decided to try growing asparagus which I planted into bags. I planted them in July and they grew rapidly but very tall and now look like ferns not asparagus. What do I do with them now? Thanks, Natasha. A. Asparagus is a long... More
30 Sep 2015
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Add splashes of colour to your piece of paradise this spring with exciting new season blooms from Gardening Solutionz.   CRAZYTUNIA SPARKY New Crazytunia Sparky will show off in your garden with its magenta rose and yellow flowers. This... More
25 Sep 2015
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Q. Hi, my mint plant was growing beautifully when all of a sudden I noticed the leaves being eaten. Mint is my favourite herb, so I would appreciate your help. Also, recently I planted two oregano plants, one looks OK but the other is almost... More
25 Sep 2015
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The gardening team at Garden to Table school Te Huruhi Primary School on Waiheke Island share their latest gardening projects and the garden harvests they have been using in their kitchen to make delicious recipes! The school has a fantastic... More
17 Sep 2015
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For those in home-improvement mode, spring is a great time to give your lawn some TLC. A successful lawn takes a little bit of effort, but provides very rewarding results. For help maintaining and touching up your current lawn, follow our top... More
16 Sep 2015
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Q. Hi, we have a two year old lawn that was originally a ready lawn. We have three dead spots which I think were caused by dogs urinating on the lawn. What is the best remedy to bring this back to life? Thanks, Russell. A. Rake out the dead... More
15 Sep 2015
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Spring is a busy time in the garden, with the days getting longer and the soil warming up it's a perfect time to plant delicious spring crops and to fill your backyard with some vibrant colour! To help you on your way and keep your piece of... More
11 Sep 2015
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Q. Hi there, could you please tell me the best time of year to prune citrus trees? Thanks, Patsy. A. The best time to prune your citrus is early summer. Prune if you need to for either a desired shape, to remove any diseased stems, or to... More
10 Sep 2015
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If you're not sure where to get started in your spring garden, we have put together some simple planting plans to get you started. Whether you want a fruit garden bursting with fresh berries, a salad and herb garden for spring salads or a BBQ... More