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10 Apr 2015
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This autumn Debco Bulb Potting Mix has joined the Tui family, becoming Tui Bulb Mix. Rest assured it remains the same high quality planting mix with the optimum blend of nutrients to provide your bulbs with the best possible start and sustained... More
9 Apr 2015
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Q. I planted a feijoa tree 10 years ago. I used to get it pruned, but not for a couple of years. Last year we had a terrible crop, mostly very small fruit dropping off early. This summer I watered it like you wouldn't believe. The fruit are... More
8 Apr 2015
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There’s a magic about April, a breathlessness that holds sway in the stillest of clear blue-skied days, the air so crisp you could snap it with your fingers. Each day you can watch the landscape morphing every hue of wildfire in nature’s last... More
27 Mar 2015
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Q. Hi, this year was the first time my dwarf peaches and nectarines have fruited. Each day I went out waiting for them to ripen, only to find a mouldy one or two. I have been spraying throughout the year. Please help. Thanks, Shelley. A. This... More
25 Mar 2015
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In spring we gave you the chance to enter to win a Foodie and Gardener's Dream Weekend for two, including a private tour and meal with Annabel Langbein in her Wanaka garden. Last weekend, our lucky winner Heidi Connolly of Christchurch took the... More
24 Mar 2015
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When you’re starting out in the garden it can be pretty demotivating when your carefully tended plants fail to flourish. We joined forces with Tui’s Facebook friends to provide some advice on succeeding in the garden this season so you can... More
12 Mar 2015
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Q. Hi, recently I laid a new lawn and it all came up very thick, but over the last week there are patches of browning in my new lawn. What is the cause and how do I repair the problem? Thanks, Bob. A. There could be several reasons for the... More
11 Mar 2015
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Your favourite Seasol now has a specially developed lawns product! For a lush green lawn use new Seasol for Lawns. It is a superior health treatment and liquid fertiliser that combines the benefits of Seasol seaweed solution, a specially... More
10 Mar 2015
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A lush, green lawn really sets off your home and is the pride and joy of many gardeners! A successful lawn takes a little bit of effort, but provides very rewarding results making you the envy of the neighbourhood. Here are Tui’s top tips to... More
10 Mar 2015
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For most of us with a vegetable garden, the growing season starts in spring and runs through to the end of autumn. We tend to forget about winter vegetable gardening, but you can take the same approach as you did back in spring, preparing the... More