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20 Dec 2017
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Gardeners are a diverse bunch! Over spring we asked our Tui friends to take part in our Gardening State of the Nation survey. We heard from everyone from Kaitaia to Invercargill and below is what you have in common.               More
19 Dec 2017
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Love beer? Why not try growing the essential ingredient to beer in your own backyard this summer – hops! And if beer isn’t for your taste buds, hops also make a beautiful decorative feature with their lush green foliage.   GETTING STARTED In... More
14 Dec 2017
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At the end of November the NZ Flower & Garden Show was held in Auckland. Full of colour, ideas and inspiration, we've picked the top trends from this year's show.   Relaxing havens Throughout the show gardens featured spaces to relax and... More
12 Dec 2017
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New Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic and Tui Seaweed & Fish Fertiliser, the perfect partners for a healthy, flourishing garden year-round.   New Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic – don’t just water your garden! Crafted from sustainably sourced... More
12 Dec 2017
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We've put together our top summer product picks and Christmas gift ideas for the gardener in your life.    Conserve moisture and stop plants drying out this summer...   Tui Mulch & Feed Give your garden some extra TLC this summer. This... More
7 Dec 2017
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Summer is here and in the garden summer-loving crops planted in spring will be fourishing! This issue is packed with ideas, tips and projects to help you go from garden to table with ease over the entertaining months. There’s plenty more... More
6 Dec 2017
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Q. Hi Tui Team, I enjoy growing herbs but am wondering how do I stop herbs going to seed quickly? Should I trim them back once they have flowered or just keep using them as usual? Thanks, Carolyn. A. Herbs should be regularly trimmed or... More
30 Nov 2017
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Q. Hi team, I have plenty of flowers on my bean plants but they keep dropping off. Do you know why they would be doing this and what I can do to stop it so I can enjoy bean harvests? A. This often happens early in the season when the plant it... More
16 Nov 2017
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Be inspired in your garden this November at the 2017 New Zealand Flower & Garden Show this month - Trusts Arena | Auckland | 29th November-3rd December 2017.   This month, Auckland will play host to the first North Island based... More
9 Nov 2017
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We love a great recycling idea and this one from Garden to Table school Holy Cross is a must-try! Supporting tall growing plants can be challenge. Instead of using harsh twine, the students show us how to simply reuse old, laddered pantyhose -... More