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10 Dec 2016
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Discover the joy of using your homegrown harvests to create culinary delights the whole family will enjoy with the Food in a Minute and Tui Garden Hub. Our exciting partnership with Food in a Minute with the Food in a Minute and Tui Garden Hub... More
20 Oct 2016
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Q. Hi, my tomatoes have developed rot at the bottom of the fruit. My other tomato plants appear to be okay. Can you please advise how to stop it affecting my tomatoes? Matt. A. Blossom end rot is a common garden problem. It commonly affects... More
18 Oct 2016
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Harvesting fresh homegrown tomatoes is a joy many gardeners look forward to every year. Store bought tomatoes just never taste as good as something fully ripened and grown with love in the sun at home! For the start of the tomato growing season... More
12 Oct 2016
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Q. Hi, my neighbours are concerned about the yellowing of the leaves on their Magnolia Michelias. I read that too much sun could be the cause, but the tree's against the house and faces south. What would you advise? Debbie. A. It is quite... More
5 Oct 2016
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Q. Hi Tui Team, can I transplant a lavender that is being crowded and not doing too well? Also what would the best position be? Thank you, Sylvia. A. Yes, there is still time to transplant lavender. Cut it back by a third and plant it in full... More
4 Oct 2016
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With the arrival of the silly season in the garden, all eyes are on what is flowering and what can be planted now. Rachel Vogan suggests her top spring flower picks to add colour and interest to your garden.   For those who like to pick stems... More
28 Sep 2016
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Spring has sprung at Garden to Table school Te Huruhi School on Waiheke Island and their gardens are bursting with harvests from their winter planting. The children have been busy harvesting lots of delicious vegetables and they're excited to... More
28 Sep 2016
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Q. I heard a radio interview where an apple tree grower suggested under planting the fruit trees with herbs in order to reduce weeds under the trees. Can you suggest suitable herbs to plant please? Thanks, Janice. A. This is a wonderful idea.... More
21 Sep 2016
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Q. Hi, can you advise after my spring bulbs have flowered do I need to keep the leaves until they naturally die down or can I cut them back? Also do I have to lift the bulbs each year or can they remain in the ground and still flower next year... More
19 Sep 2016
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Make your spring garden the envy of the neighbourhood with our top product picks! Discover the Kent & Stowe Garden Trug - an essential accessory when planting and harvesting, our top potato pick Summer Delight, and don't miss new Scotts... More