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11 Jan 2017
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Q. Hi, my strawberry plant leaves are browning and dying off. I planted them in strawberry mix, added strawberry food and water them often. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Jo.  A. It seems like you have done all the right things to start off... More
10 Jan 2017
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Insect pests, diseases, and lack of water can all affect the success of your fruit & vege garden during the hot summer months. Combat common problems and keep your garden healthy this season! 1. POWDERY MILDEW Infected leaves become... More
1 Dec 2016
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Q. Hi, what plant is the best to plant for cat repellent? They are using my garden to go toliet. Thanks, Kurnia. A. You could try planting curry plant, lemon balm or pennyroyal - available at garden centres. Cayenne pepper and chilli are two... More
30 Nov 2016
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At  Garden to Table school Te Huruhi Primary School on Waiheke Island the gardens have been full of deliciousness and enjoying the warmer weather. They've been harvesting lots of leafy greens: kale, cavelo nero, silverbeet, spinach, radishes,... More
29 Nov 2016
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Summer is upon us and the much anticipated longer and warmer days mean more time to spend in the garden! There are plenty of exciting summer crops to plant and an abundance of harvests arriving in time for the entertaining season. Don’t forget... More
29 Nov 2016
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Q. Hello, I wondered if you have any solutions for ants eating my strawberries. They are in their own space and the ground is covered in pea straw. I found one nest which I managed to destroy but still there are more ants! Any hints would be... More
15 Nov 2016
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Plants don't have to be confined to the outdoors and with indoor plants back in vogue, why not freshen up your living spaces with some beautiful greenery this season! Indoor plants are a decorative addition indoors, breathing colour, life and... More
7 Nov 2016
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Spoil your garden with our top summer product picks and maintain a healthy and flourishing garden – perfect for enjoying the longer days! Read on to discover our smart summer products and get the most out of your garden this season.   Water... More
5 Nov 2016
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Win a Melbourne Flower & Garden Show experience with Seasol and Mitre 10! Find out how below.   This spring and summer we are giving you the chance to win a trip for two to the world renowned Melbourne Flower & Garden Show in March 2017... More
3 Nov 2016
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The children at Garden to Table school Cannon’s Creek School have been making the most of the warmer sunny days in the garden! They are busy making compost, planting more crops for continuous harvests as we head into summer, and enjoying tasty... More