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27 Jan 2016
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Q. Hi, I don't know why my courgettes start growing, get to about 5cm long, and then they start turning yellow at the end and then drop off. I feed them, water them and remove powdery mildew. What is causing this? Thanks, Raewyn. A. This is... More
27 Jan 2016
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People make a place and places make people, at the Waiora Trust Community Garden in Christchurch you will find people of all ages, creeds and abilities growing their own vegetables side by side in a series of allotment style plots. The property... More
27 Jan 2016
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Q. Hi there, we currently keep our strawberry plants in pots in the conservatory with no way the bees can come in - do we need to put them in the garden for them to start to fruit? Thanks, Mike. A. Strawberries are self fertile, so this means... More
26 Jan 2016
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Summer is a rewarding time in the garden as you reap the rewards of your spring planting efforts with a variety of summer crops ready to harvest and enjoy from your garden! Check out our top tips for your favourite crops to make the most of... More
16 Jan 2016
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Q. Hi, my beetroot, spinach and cabbage seedlings shoot up quickly and go to seed. I have great soil and the plants are watered regularly, so what am I doing wrong? Thanks, Robyn - Cambridge. A. These symptoms suggest the root systems of your... More
12 Jan 2016
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With January being one of the main harvesting times, lots of delicious summer crops will be ready to harvest and it’s the perfect time to plant more to ensure a continued supply! If you go away on holiday, organise someone to water your plants... More
12 Jan 2016
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Encourage your children in the garden with fun gardening projects these summer holidays! Getting them into the garden is a wonderful way to teach them about nature and where their food comes from.   Build a sweetpea tepee Not only do tepee's... More
16 Dec 2015
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Q. Hi, I am growing my potatoes in planter bags to save some space, but the tops have all fallen over and they are looking awfully sorry for themselves. Is there a certain product that can be used in planter bags? Thanks, Jody. A. You need to... More
15 Dec 2015
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Growing your own doesn’t need to be restricted to a separate area of the garden with a few fruit trees and a vege garden, explains landscape designer Tony Murrell: “I’m a fan of integrating edible planting into my landscape designs, taking some... More
3 Dec 2015
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Gain inspiration this season from our Facebook friends who have shared their top tips for some of your garden favourites.   1. Paint stones to look like strawberries – one peck of those and the birds will learn to leave the real ones alone! –... More