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8 Nov 2015
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Spring is a busy time in the garden, the days are getting longer, the soil is warming up and it’s a perfect time for planting! This issue is packed with projects, advice and inspiration for a successful spring garden. Featuring: Fruit Tree... More
3 Sep 2015
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Q. Hi, can you please advise how to prune my raspberry canes? I grow strawberries as well, but raspberries are a real change. Thanks, Pam. A. Raspberries are such great berries to grow, and there are two main types, summer fruiting varieties... More
2 Sep 2015
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Around this time of the year you can feel the earth start to come alive. There’s always a temptation to get out there and start planting as soon as the air warms up, but over the years I’ve learnt the importance of getting the soil in peak... More
28 Aug 2015
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You can't beat new potatoes freshly dug out of your own garden! Choose your perfect potato variety based on your harvesting and cooking preferences.   Plant both early and main varieties for a continued harvest throughout the season. Tui... More
27 Aug 2015
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Q. Hi there, I wonder if you can help me. I have just dug up two plants of my new potatoes to find that the potatoes have begun to sprout. Can you tell me why this is please? Thanks, Rex. A. This is a really common issue and caused by the soil... More
21 Aug 2015
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Q. Hi, I have bought a mulberry tree for the first time and will be planting it shortly. Do you any tips for success with this tree please? Thanks, Margaret. A. Good on you for buying such a wonderful berry tree. Choose a sunny area, and blend... More
20 Aug 2015
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The gardening superstars at Garden to Table school St Anne's Primary School in Wellington share their latest gardening projects and the garden harvests they have been using in their kitchen to make delicious recipes! School garden update School... More
12 Aug 2015
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Q. Hello, I have just trimmed all last seasons ferns off my asparagus bed and would like to know if this is the time to fertilise them and if so what fertiliser do I use? Regards, Margaret. A. Good job trimming those stalks off, it won’t be... More
11 Aug 2015
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While it may still be cold outside, August is the best month to get lots of seeds started indoors – ready to plant outside come spring. It’s a fun garden project that you can do indoors in the warm, great for teaching kids about the cycles of... More
6 Aug 2015
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Q. Hi, this year I'm going to plant some strawberries in baskets and my greenhouse. When I planted them in the garden, there were wee mites that spoilt my crop. Your thoughts on how to prevent these would be appreciated. Also, should I still... More