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12 Sep 2017
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This week on HOMEmade they showed us how to create privacy in a small space by using certain plants and planters. We've put together our top tips for  you to bring privacy to your outdoor space.   Plant Griselinia ‘Broadway Mint’ in rows across... More
9 Jul 2017
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Bursting with goodness, these hardy no fuss vegetables are brilliant crops to plant in the winter garden. All members of the cabbage family are brassicas. Many of the family are widely known and grown such as cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels... More
27 Jun 2017
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New season roses are in-store now so it's the perfect time to plant! Get our tips to rose success below and check out our top picks to plant for that someone special.   Top Tips for beautiful blooms May to August is the best time to plant bare... More
12 Jun 2017
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You can't beat fresh veges harvested from your own garden. To help you enjoy a continuous supply of delicious homegrown veges we've put together our top five winter crops to add to your patch.   1. Beetroot - a versatile crop, where both the... More
29 May 2017
6 recommendations
Make the most of end of summer crops and make sure your garden is healthy next spring. Part of this is getting rid of unwanted bugs and diseases which can ruin your carefully tended plants before you get the chance to enjoy them!   Check your... More
3 May 2017
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Gain inspiration this season from our Facebook friends who have shared their top tips for your garden this season.   Soak seedlings in Seasol before planting to give them that extra boost and a great start especially in summer, it works a... More
18 Apr 2017
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While now is a great time to plant citrus, it is also when your trees will be full of fresh citrus delights to harvest! We often get questions on problems with the citrus you are growing in your backyard, so we have put together answers to your... More
12 Apr 2017
2 recommendations
The long Easter weekend is the perfect opportunity to enjoy time in the garden. Plant winter vege crops, pick tasty autumn fruits to create delicious chutney's and sauces, fill your garden with beautiful bulbs and involve the kids in some... More
22 Mar 2017
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If your lawn is looking tired after the heat of summer, autumn is a great time to get it back in shape. Whether you are sowing a new lawn, or wanting to maintain your current lawn, follow the below tips shared in our recent lawn survey to keep... More
16 Feb 2017
10 recommendations
You can’t beat the aroma and flavour of fresh feijoas! This hardy and robust fruit is easy to grow and provides you with an abundance of fruit from autumn to early winter. If you're keen to grow your own, find out everything you need to know... More