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Top Tips and Tasks

22 Mar 2017
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If your lawn is looking tired after the heat of summer, autumn is a great time to get it back in shape. Whether you are sowing a new lawn, or wanting to maintain your current lawn, follow the below tips shared in our recent lawn survey to keep... More
16 Feb 2017
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You can’t beat the aroma and flavour of fresh feijoas! This hardy and robust fruit is easy to grow and provides you with an abundance of fruit from autumn to early winter. If you're keen to grow your own, find out everything you need to know... More
24 Jan 2017
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Summer is the main time for enjoying the crops from your home orchard, starting with early stonefruit prior to Christmas through to the apples, pears and feijoas as the season changes to autumn. Kate Marshall from Waimea Nurseries shares her... More
10 Jan 2017
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Insect pests, diseases, and lack of water can all affect the success of your fruit & vege garden during the hot summer months. Combat common problems and keep your garden healthy this season! 1. POWDERY MILDEW Infected leaves become... More
1 Nov 2016
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Salad greens are one of the easiest and fastest growing crops, and some of the tastiest! Check out our top tips and enjoy fresh salad greens for salads and sandwiches this season.   Salad boxes can be planted densely, so you can fit plenty of... More
18 Oct 2016
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Harvesting fresh homegrown tomatoes is a joy many gardeners look forward to every year. Store bought tomatoes just never taste as good as something fully ripened and grown with love in the sun at home! For the start of the tomato growing season... More
29 Aug 2016
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Many areas of the country have had some good frosts which could have affected plants in your garden. If you have experienced frost over the cooler season you may be starting to see visible signs of damage to your plants. We have put together... More
29 Jun 2016
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This month is still a great time to be planting winter veges including leafy greens and brassicas. In the fruit garden it's all about planting new season fruit trees and strawberries, and why not liven up your garden with some winter flowers in... More
15 Jun 2016
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Indoor plants are regaining popularity and are the perfect option for breathing life into your living space and livening up and enhancing your décor. Just like plants growing outdoors, indoor plants also need regular TLC. See our tips below for... More
10 May 2016
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For novice gardeners a few herbs grown in pots can be the perfect introduction to the joys of ‘growing your own’. For those more experienced gardeners, get inspired in the kitchen and try growing different herbs that suit your culinary style... More