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Popular garden questions

20 Nov 2014
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Q. Hi, I planted my passionfruit last year and it grew well. I got about eight passionfruit and they were a good size. I thought I would get more this coming year, however my vine leaves are yellow and the new growth sparse. I have fed with... More
20 Sep 2014
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Q. Hi, my lemon tree has plenty of lemons on it but no leaves. What could be causing this and how do I fix it? Thanks, Amy. A. Citrus are evergreen but do drop leaves, usually when they are stressed, too cold, have too much fertiliser, or not... More
28 Sep 2016
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Q. I heard a radio interview where an apple tree grower suggested under planting the fruit trees with herbs in order to reduce weeds under the trees. Can you suggest suitable herbs to plant please? Thanks, Janice. A. This is a wonderful idea.... More
18 Oct 2014
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Q. Hi, I have aphids appearing on my roses already! Are you please able to help me get rid of these? Thanks, Raewyn. A. If the infestation is small, you can wash them off your roses with a garden hose, or squash them with your fingers. If the... More
29 Nov 2016
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Q. Hello, I wondered if you have any solutions for ants eating my strawberries. They are in their own space and the ground is covered in pea straw. I found one nest which I managed to destroy but still there are more ants! Any hints would be... More

Recent garden questions

19 Jul 2018
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Q. Hi Tui Team, unfortunately last year I lost a whole garlic crop to rust (due to the high rainfall). How soon can I plant in that same plot where this garlic was planted? Thanks, Rod.  A. It is best to plant in a new position in the garden.... More
3 Jul 2018
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Q. Hi, in autumn I planted a range of brassicas to enjoy for the winter months. I prepared the soil well and my broccoli have lots of lovely green growth, however they don't seem to be forming heads. Are you able to advise on how I can... More
24 Apr 2018
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Q. Hi, I am wanting to grow a feijoa tree in a pot and I see that the Bambina variety is good for this, but is there any other variety that produces larger fruit you can recommend and that does not require a pollinator? Tracey.  A. Any variety... More
22 Mar 2018
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Q. My fejioas are being eaten by something that is not me! There are holes on the leaves and the shoots seem to be eaten, but no caterpillars to be found!  I've included a photo of the damaged leaves. Any ideas? Thanks, Shirley. A. It looks... More
14 Mar 2018
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Q. I've never planted bulbs before. I'd like to dot some around my new orchard for spring. What are the easiest for a first timer? Claire. A. Great idea Claire. The easiest bulbs to start with are daffodils and bluebells. Both tolerate growing... More
28 Feb 2018
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Q. Hi there, my lilies have grown from seed from my late father in law. I want to share them with my daughters. When and how should I do this? They have flourished for 20 years and I want to share them. Kate A. Your lilies sound very healthy!... More
14 Feb 2018
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Q. Are wilting plants an issue in your garden? A Tui Team member shared this photo of their bougainvillea - read on to find out what is happening. A. Around a lot of the country the weather has been wet and hot, with humidity reaching 98% in... More
6 Dec 2017
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Q. Hi Tui Team, I enjoy growing herbs but am wondering how do I stop herbs going to seed quickly? Should I trim them back once they have flowered or just keep using them as usual? Thanks, Carolyn. A. Herbs should be regularly trimmed or... More
30 Nov 2017
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Q. Hi team, I have plenty of flowers on my bean plants but they keep dropping off. Do you know why they would be doing this and what I can do to stop it so I can enjoy bean harvests? A. This often happens early in the season when the plant it... More
18 Oct 2017
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Q. Hi Tui Team, I would like to plant citrus in pots. What size pot do I need to plant a mandarin or lime tree and how long would I need to wait for fruit? Thanks, Lisa. A. Look for pots or tubs that are at least 40 litres in size, this is four... More