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Planting Calendar & Poster

Planting Calendar

If you are not sure which time of year it is best to plant your veges, download this helpful planting calendar for a handy list detailing when to plant your vegetables. 53 vegetables are listed and each is divided into warmer and cooler climates. The planting calendar is an extract from The Tui NZ Vegetable Garden third edition, by Rachel Vogan. Click here to download your free planting calendar >

Planting Poster

Our planting poster is a more recent addition that prints out at A3 or A4.

It makes a great resource, with a vege planting calendar including common homegrown vegetables to plant in your region, and time to harvest from planting. It also includes a flower planting calendar for the best months to plant flowers in your garden, and a seasonal gardening guide with tips and advice on what to do each season! Click here to download your free planting poster >