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Tui Outdoor Container Mix

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Available Sizes: 

15L & 40L

Tui Outdoor Container Mix is formulated to grow plants in hanging baskets and outdoor containers. The mix provides plants with a balance of nutrients to enhance growth and prolific flowering for up to six months.

This outstanding container mix contains a granular soil wetter to help spread water evenly through to the root-zone, which encourages rapid root development, as well as water storing granules to sustain the water requirements of the plant. This is ideal for plants such as flowering annuals and perennials.


  • Specially formulated for plants in outdoors containers.
  • Contains Saturaid to aid in efficient water distribution.
  • Contains a six month controlled release fertiliser.
  • Maintains hardiness and growth for up to six months.

Directions For Use: 

  1. Water plants thoroughly an hour or so before potting and allow to drain.
  2. Loosen root ball and remove any dried or rotten roots.
  3. Almost fill a suitable container with Tui Outdoor Container Mixture.
  4. Position plant in centre of the container.
  5. Fill container until 3cm from the top.
  6. Do not firm or pack down mix (watering naturally does this).
  7. Water thoroughly and keep moist.

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