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Tui Pea Straw Mulch 5L

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Available Sizes: 

5L expands to approx. 25L

Protect your plant's delicate roots and the surrounding soil by mulching and soil conditioning the natural way with Tui Pea Straw Mulch. Mulching and conditioning soil is a vital part of successful gardening as it creates a protective layer of organic matter that will conserve moisture and condition soil.

Made from 100% natural products, this product helps suppress weeds and adds valuable nitrogen into the soil. Ideal for mulching your vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, trees and shrubs.

Made from 100% pea straw (may contain pea seeds). One bale covers approximately 0.5-1m2.


  • 100% natural.
  • Supresses weed growth
  • Conserves soil moisture
  • Protects roots against frost
  • Adds valuable nitrogen to the soil as it breaks down
  • Conditions and improves soil structure

Directions For Use: 

  1. Prepare soil for mulching by removing any weeds.
  2. Break off large handfuls of Tui Pea Straw Mulch and loosen to expand.
  3. Place around plants as required to a depth of approximately 50mm.
  4. Be careful not to leave the mulch touching the trunk/stem of the plants as this can cause rot.