How can I rejuvenate my patchy lawn?


My lawn is not growing very well. It is patchy. What can i do to rejuvenate the lawn and when?

Frank Shelley


Hi Frank, autumn and spring are the best times for lawn TLC. Repair bare patches with the conveniently sized Tui Superstrike Lawn Seed Easycare Patch Pack. The Easycare blend includes quality fine turf ryegrass and turf fescue and germinates in as little as seven days in ideal weather conditions.

Rake out the dead patches and break up the soil surface. Apply Tui Lawn Preparation Mix over the patch 25-30mm deep. Firm down with the head of the rake or by stamping. Sow Tui Superstrike Lawn Seed Easycare Patch Pack as directed on the pack, making sure the seed is in contact with the Tui Lawn Preparation Mix. Water well and keep moist on a daily basis during the germination period.

Once established, fertilise your lawn in spring and autumn with Tui LawnForce All Purpose or Tui LawnForce Max Green. You can apply Tui LawnForce All Purpose to the remainder of your lawn this autumn, just not the newly resown patches until they have established.

For further information check out our Lawn Growing Guide and top tips.

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