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Tui are a popular bird to attract in many Kiwi backyards. The Tui Nectar Feeder, is a specialist feeder for nectar feeding birds like tui, bellbirds and waxeyes.

Nectar feeding birds love sugar water, especially when nectar flowering trees are out of season.

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  • This feeder has a patented Bee Guard which prevents bees and wasps from reaching the nectar.
  • It is easy to clean and fill.
  • Suitable for all nectar feeding birds.

Directions for use

  • Dissolve 200g of white sugar into 1 litre of warm water.
  • Once cool, pour sugar water into the Tui Nectar Feeder.
  • If possible, place in or near a nectar flowering tree.

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Tui Nectar Feeder reviews

(8 reviews)

    I have 4 tuis using the feeder. Initially I put a couple of strips of bright red duct tape on the top of the feeder and also near the feeder holes to attract the tuis and to make it easier for them to see where to feed. Make sure the little yellow stoppers are in place to prevent bees accidentally getting in. If you have trouble with ants, put a decent ring of vaseline near the base of the branch you hang the feeder on. The ants won't be able to get past it. Also trim back any twigs that could be used as a bridge for ants to get at your feeder.

    Tui watcher

    2 weeks done the track and nothing.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TUI TEAM REPLY: Hi Alida, thank you for giving us this feedback about the Tui Nectar Feeder. This type of information is very useful for Tui Products and is therefore much appreciated. We are orry to hear that you have not had success with birds feeding from the nectar feeder that you purchased. We can confirm that this product does work and that we regularly get positive feedback about birds feeding from these nectar feeders; however it can take some time for birds to become aware of these as a food source and start to use them in the garden. How long this actually takes varies and will depend on things such as the type of birds that you have in your garden, the placement in the garden, the time of year and the other available food sources in the area. The native birds which typically use these nectar feeders are Tui. If you already have Tui in your garden there is a better chance of them identifying the nectar feeder as a food source and starting to use it. Placement of the feeder is important and should be somewhere that the birds such as Tui would feed from a natural food source such as in a flowering tree. Please persevere with using the feeder, following the instructions for making up the sugar water solution. We hope that this information is useful, once again thank you for your feedback and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. ^Tui Team

    Alida Wheat

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