Tui Strawberry Straw

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Available in: 5L expands to approx. 25L

Tui Strawberry Straw is ideal for mulching around strawberry plants in garden beds, pots and containers.

Tui Strawberry Straw suppresses weed growth, protects roots from extremes in temperature, conserves moisture and keeps fruit healthy to avoid fungal disease. It also adds nitrogen to the soil as it breaks down.

Made from 100% barley straw (may contain barley seeds).

5L expands to 25L.


  • Suppresses weed growth.
  • Protects roots from extremes in temperature.
  • Conserves moisture.
  • Keeps fruit healthy to avoid fungal disease.
  • Adds valuable nitrogen to the soil as it breaks down.
  • 5L sufficient for approximately six strawberry plants.

Directions for use

  • Prepare soil for mulching by removing any weeds.
  • Break off large handfuls of Tui Strawberry Straw and loosen to expand.
  • Apply around plants to a depth of approximately 50mm.
  • Take care not to leave the straw touching the stem of your plants as this can cause rot.

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Tui Strawberry Straw reviews

(2 reviews)

    I am another unhappy customer with this Tui Strawberry straw product. My strawberry patch is overrun with Barley growth. What a mission to remove. Not impressed.

    Charlie Beare

    What a rubbish product this is. Will not be using this again. It says barley straw (may contain barley seeds). May contain! it's got a field of seeds and they have all decided to grow in my strawberries. ---TUI TEAM REPLY: Thank you for giving us feedback on Tui Strawberry Straw. This type of information is very useful for Tui Products and is therefore much appreciated. As you may be aware Tui Strawberry Straw is barley straw, this is baled after the barley seed has been harvested. There can however be residual barley seeds present in the straw because the crop has been grown for harvesting. These can sometimes germinate and appears to be what has happened in your garden. The barley straw is a natural product and has not been treated to stop these seeds from germinating. This same barley straw is also supplied to commercial strawberry growers and mushroom farms and this type of treatment is not typical for the product. For this reason our Tui Strawberry Straw label does state that this product may contain barley seeds. When these germinate around your plants they should simply be removed by pulling them out. This will ensure that they are strong enough to pull out completely but small enough not to disturb the ground. At this size they should pull out easily and they will all germinate around the same time, so removing them would not be an on-going job. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope that this information is useful, once again thank you for your feedback and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. ^Tui Team

    Joy Tubby

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