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2 Sep 2015
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Around this time of the year you can feel the earth start to come alive. There’s always a temptation to get out there and start planting as soon as the air warms up, but over the years I’ve learnt the importance of getting the soil in peak... More
11 Aug 2015
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While it may still be cold outside, August is the best month to get lots of seeds started indoors – ready to plant outside come spring. It’s a fun garden project that you can do indoors in the warm, great for teaching kids about the cycles of... More
15 Jul 2015
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When it’s cold and stormy outside there’s nothing I like better than hunkering down with the fire roaring and a cup of tea at hand, working out my plan for the coming season’s garden. Give me a stack of seed catalogues, some garden books and... More
2 Jun 2015
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June may not be the coldest month of the year, but the arrival of the solstice on the 21st brings us the shortest day, and with it a welcome turn of the earth’s cycle. From hereon in the days will, slowly but surely, start to lengthen out again... More
7 May 2015
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Living here amongst the mountains in Wanaka, the risk of frost is a very real one at both ends of the growing season. While May is considered the last month of autumn, here it’s almost always the month that winter arrives, often with an icy... More
8 Apr 2015
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There’s a magic about April, a breathlessness that holds sway in the stillest of clear blue-skied days, the air so crisp you could snap it with your fingers. Each day you can watch the landscape morphing every hue of wildfire in nature’s last... More
10 Mar 2015
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For most of us with a vegetable garden, the growing season starts in spring and runs through to the end of autumn. We tend to forget about winter vegetable gardening, but you can take the same approach as you did back in spring, preparing the... More
9 Feb 2015
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I love February, with its blistering, baking heat. Finally it’s hot enough for my eggplants and chillies to ripen. Tomatoes, cucumbers and beans and other summer crops are flat out setting their seed and the harvests just pour in – it can be... More
23 Dec 2014
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We’re coming up to that wonderful time of year when the summer’s harvests start pouring in. For a while there you think nothing’s happening and then whammo, almost overnight, all that hard work you put in back in spring starts paying divvies,... More
9 Dec 2014
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As we head into early summer it’s wonderful to see the planting and seed raising I did back in spring coming to fruition. The garden looks so lush at this time of year, and it’s hard to keep up with the salad greens, broad beans, snow peas and... More