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Feijoa variety favourites

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Hi. This tui email is always full of information and tips. I get most of my info from this email. I watch Tony on Kiwi Living also. Thank you for all the help you give.
When you say needs a cross pollinater does that mean you need to plant another variety nearby? Regards Kate
For cross pollination for a few trees I use a soft sable paint brush and do it by hand, Remember to buzz to complete the illusion ! Works for all fruit more or less. H
Do feijoa trees need pruning each year and do they fruit on the new growth only.
I grew one Feijoa Unique in Wellington, and the fruit was superb - fleshy and sweet. Left it behind when we moved 18 months ago, but looking to buy another. Dot
Hi, Can you please tell me if any of these varieties are better for hedges than the others? Many thanks
We got a feijoa tree that is just starting to produce fruit ( about 6 feijoas last year ), it has some kind of green mold on most of the leaves, can you tell me how to treat this please ?
I want to buy the seeds of these 8 varieties. where can i get them? Please let me know online shop.
Hi, Jenna, I want to know giant feijoa varieties and the retailers for selling them. please let me know about that.
Please let me know where can i buy theses feijoa's seeds. here is korea. I want to buy seeds for various feijoas. If you know online store which is selling them, share me information.
Thanks Tui i am looking at planting a Feijoa hedge to shelter my Citrus and other trees so very good information
I have four trees (2 kakariki, 2 of another type) in one area, but they are all early season. If i was to want a longer season, what tree would I go for. If i were to go for a single tree, how close does it need to be to these others to get pollinated?
For cross -pollination does it have to be two different varieties to be successful or two varieties the same ok ? We got two bushes and they are quite young and just starting to fruit. Unsure now what types they are, many thanks for your great info on the Fejoa
Hi, what can i fertilise my dwarf feijoas with to assist the growth of the fruit
Hi - can you give me some advice on smaller hedge varieties - i have room for 2 or 3 but don't want them over 2 metres
I have planted 4 feijoa trees three years ago. None of them have flowered or produced fruit. Could someome tell me why
Thank you so much for your reply, I share Justine's situation with non-flowering or fruiting trees. Based on your advice I will now feed my trees (poor things!).
Hi, will any of these varieties grow in the tropics, average temperature 25 degrees Celsius? Thanks.
Hi, I have two trees (one Apollo, one Den's Choice). If i was to buy a early season one Kaiteri, can they transfer the pollen between flowers?
Hi there, i bought a bambino feijoa and was wondering if a square planter of 36cm x 36cm and 40 deep is sufficient. Thanks
I am renting in Titahi Bay so would like to plant some in halved 200 litre drums. Which 2 would you suggest please? And a third choice in case? Thanks.
I am wanting to grow a fejoa tree in a pot and I see that the Bambina variety is good for this, but is there any other variety that produces larger fruit you can recommend and that does not require a pollinator?


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